Reflections on Our Marriage

Today I’m reflecting upon how my life is nothing shy of a miracle! Ten years ago in May of 2007, Aarron & I started courting (again). For those of you who don’t know our story…. We walked away from each other for 90 days after initially dating. We did this because I needed to seek the Lord to make sure I was the woman for Aarron. I had to find out if this was the Lord’s will for us. Continue reading “Reflections on Our Marriage”

From Aarron About His Wife

Let me introduce you to my wife

The Cristine I met over 12 years ago… was surely out of my league. She was the kind of woman a guy like me would have to admire from afar while some really chiseled Romeo with an impressive job, nice car, and bigger plans scooped her up and rode off into the sunset with her.

Foremost, she loved Jesus, and was a woman of prayer. She may have been young in her faith, but she at least talked the talk. I knew the most important thing – she loved Jesus more than she would ever love me. I was hooked. Continue reading “From Aarron About His Wife”

Everyone Needs a Sabbath!

Saturdays are Sabbath day of rest for our family; a time gifted to rest, relax and regroup from the previous week. Honestly, I’m so glad God gives us one day a week to do just that because life can be messy, the world around us can get loud, we as a couple can get wrapped up in our own personal missions and following that… arguments can ensue (and do). My husband & I are not immune to any of those mentioned above. For Jesus says “in this world we will have trouble” then Paul later says how “those who marry will face many troubles in this life!” Good thing for those of us whom His Spirit dwells in, Jesus also says “not to worry because He has overcome the world”! That means we have the same power within to be overcomers!
Hence, after all the trials and conflicts which can arise in just one week, the blessing to just stop and pause provides us with the prime opportunity to abide. This is a chance to slow down enough for the Lord to reveal to our hearts the deeper things He wants to deal with by allowing all that’s transpired in the first place! Continue reading “Everyone Needs a Sabbath!”

Indescribable, Really!

Leading up to our 10-Year-Anniversary, we look back on all that has taken place in that short period of time. This journey has been indescribable through earthly words.
From the birth of a new union of two becoming one, the birth of a ministry, a mother’s healing, a daughter’s struggle, the birth of another daughter who gets feverishly ill & needs surgery by the age of two, the birth of twins, being called to homeschool & so much more… we have had the privilege to grow immensely in Jesus Christ Yahushua. He has been the banner over this marriage, this family, the work that has been done for all to see as well as what goes on behind the scenes. Continue reading “Indescribable, Really!”

Relationship Strength Training 101!

A wise tip to consider: most all problems relationally are resolved with much prayer & honest to goodness communication! If the Lord has shown me anything, He’s taught me how to do both of these things often & a lot (not saying at all that I do them well… Just often & a lot)! 
Most touchy topics are avoided in conversations (especially between spouses/family members) due to fear or pain- or fear of pain rather. And I will assure you that most times the Lord will not just simply rectify your situation because He wants your faith in Him to be put into action like a farmer who can have good hopes of an abundant harvest but lest he puts his hand to the plow, barren the ground would remain! Continue reading “Relationship Strength Training 101!”